Personal Training:
There are so many fitness choices out there these days. They're confusing, sometimes contradictory, and many just don't pass the smell test: wild claims, hype, phony "before and after" pictures. We’ll give it to you straight. Real change is hard work--but we promise that you can do it. We’ll be there with you every step of the way pushing you on. Yeah, you're going hate us, but you're going to love what we do for you and we're ok with that. 

We start with a fitness assessment that looks at body fat percentage, strength, flexibility, endurance, posture, gait, joint stability, daily caloric profile, and nutritional goals. Then we develop a program that's fun, challenging, effective, always fresh and new, and just for you. You'll get charts and pictures showing the results too. You'll get envious looks from friends and enemies. And you'll have to buy new, better-fitting clothes. 

Marina and her staff have revolutionized the 84 day weight loss concept and developed one of the premier circuit training programs in the state. My Lifestyle Personal Training will get you fit and on your own while they teach you a lifestyle of fitness and good health.

Our eating habits assessment involves an evaluation of your current nutrition and caloric intake. We’ll help you identify areas where you're possibly sabotaging your efforts as well as things you’re doing right. We’ll discuss with you simple meal strategies and painless changes that will help you achieve your fitness goals more quickly. Then we develop an eating plan  for you that lays out options on what you should eat and when. We make the plan simple to follow and realistic for you in your busy life. You'll look better, feel better and be happier following time-tested Glycemic Index nutritional principles instead of fad diets.

Sports Training:
Are you an athlete looking to improve speed, quickness, balance and agility? Our goal is to help the athlete achieve their very best by giving them our full attention and not get lost in the shuffle of “cattle call” group style training conducted by other training centers.

The best way to become a better player isn’t by playing more – it’s by improving your overall athleticism.  Run faster, jump higher, be more explosive and achieve greater balance.  Whether you’re a professional player, a college athlete preparing for a combine, a high school senior trying to earn a scholarship, or an underclass man wanting to make the varsity team, Lifestyle Sports Training can help you achieve your best performance. We use techniques to improve strength, speed, and agility taught by  We will teach proper athlete nutrition and monitor results by Bodyfat percentage and overall performance tracking.


"I have been training at Lifestyle Personal Training for since I was a freshman at Mullen High School. I was the MVP at the US Army All-American Combine in 2012.  I earned a full Scholarship to the University of Washington thanks to Coach Joe" - Cyler Miles #10, Mullen High School 3 time State Champion,  Starting Sophomore Quarterback University Of Washington Huskies - GO DAWGS!


“The improvement in my son’s speed and core strength was amazing" Le-Lo Lang, Retried Denver Bronco, Son Le-Len Lang Valor High School 3A, 4A and 5A State Champions and 100 meter record holder.


“I got my 40 time down to 4.3 and increased my strength and added 20 pounds of body mass. I set the Grandview High School power clean record with a lift of 285 pounds” – Bo Bolen #9 5-A Rushing Champ  2007 and 2008 and 5A Football State Champion  2008, Running Back Weber State University Wildcats Senior 2014


I trained at Lifestyle Personal Training to improve my speed and lateral movement. This is my 7th year in the NFL. Thanks to Joseph for kicking my ass and using a scientific 
approach to my training that allowed me to have the strongest bench press on the team, increase my lateral movement and reduce my bodyfat by 5%. -Tony Hills #67 LT Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboy  Tony Hills #67

Marina is a 44 year old mother of three. She is the owner of My Lifestyle Personal Training  She is the 2009 Colorado State NPC Bodybuilding Champion. In 2010 Marina earned her IFBB Professional Status. She began her fitness quest 12 years ago by participating in a The Body for Life Transformation Challenge. She obtained tremendous results and doors began to open for her in the world of fitness and nutrition. She has helped thousands of individuals change their physique and achieve better health. She decided to open her own training studio after hearing from numerous friends in the gym about the over crowed gyms, the uncomfortable nature of training in front of people, the heavy sales pitch and inept trainers. She felt that she could eliminate many of the obstacles that keep people from achieving fitness success. She brings a caring and a highly motivated attitude to her clients.

  “I spent tons of money and trained many hours with trainers who just went through the motions and really did not care. I decided to open my own studio to change the face of the training industry. People want a trainer that cares about them. You would not go to a doctor if they could not make you feel better. Why go to a trainer that is only worried about selling you more sessions and not helping you achieve your goals? It’s just not right”


IFBB Pro Women's Physique Marina Lopez